New Year. New Goals.

The Rundown:

  • 52 weeks
  • 52 completed projects
  • 1 Maeve
  • A whole lotta spelling errors

(I’ll do my best, promise)

2012 – The year of getting $&*% done.  My goal is to complete 52 projects, 4 of them being “larger” project – one per quarter, within the next year.  These projects can range from sewing to jewelry, embroidery or painting, knitting  and/or beyond.  I’m already supposedly knitting 1 pair of socks per month, from Oct to Oct.  So that’s 9 -11 potential projects already (I’ve actually only completed the October socks, but this is why we have new resolutions people).  Projects under 50% completion count as full projects, over 50% and they only count as half projects.  One project is due every Sunday.  So here’s to us, web and I.  I’ll do my best to be quirky/positive/real/not annoying. You do whatever you want.  Fine, don’t pay attention to me, I don’t care. This is for me anyways.

Stage one: Preparation.  

I have a lot of stuff. And I mean a lot.  As serial crafters such as myself know, you tend to pick up tools of the trade.  Unfortunately sometimes you pick up a few duplicates due to lack of organization.  So my first step is to get organized.  You hear that crafting corner? I’m coming for you.

I’m gonna turn you from this (actual picture)…

And i cleaned before I took this picture. No, I didn't. Yes I didn't.

to this (Martha Stewart).

OK not really, but I’m gonna do my best.

I’m also documenting my finished projects (posts to come!) and organizing all those unfinished gems.  Then, hopefully I’ll do what it takes to finish them up or throw them out.

Stage two: Planning

Now this I tend to over do this step, but I’ve got a few first projects in mind.   Besides the previously mentioned socks, I’m thinking of adding one artical of clothing, one piece of jewelry, and one project for the home per month.  But let’s face it, that’s just far too organized for me.  So I’m gonna just throw out some of my initial ideas and I’ll probably just go with the one that sounds best that week/day/moment.

Ideas: Tepee, hexagon quilt, leather chevron earrings, chandelier, crochet rope rug, jean quilt, leather bag, sailor bag, XKCD embroidery, giant X-stitch, Colette patterns

Ok lets be real, that look way longer when it was in list form.  I have some more ideas, but let’s just call it a teaser.

Stage Three: Lets do this.  

First project will be posted tomorrow night.  Get ready.

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