Project One: It’s only the beginning

Good thing I planed ahead and you know, didn’t start with this idea on December 29th, as I sat restful and daydreamy upon a couch at my friends cabin, wondering about all the new year could bring, brimming with hope and dreams, free of cares and full of butternut squash soup, alive.  No way I just dive bombed into a 52 week challenge amongst a 50ish hour work week and the desire to exercise regularly. NO that would be… weird.


  • Week One: The Coffee Table that lived in the corner
  • Started: Novemberish?
  • Completed: January 2nd
  • Percent done before 2012: 70ish? Ok all I did was screw in the pipes, but that was a big deal!
  • Point: 1/2

I was inspired by this little beauty.

Isn’t she a nice one?  Love those old milk crates, the wheels, the fan. It’s industrial meets vintage meets functionality.

Now, for my go at it I didn’t want to spend a fortune on vintage milk crates (and by that I mean I did, really, really did, I just couldn’t find any at the Alameda County Antique Fair – or anywhere but ebay – overprice *cough *cough).  So, I Hannibal Lectored some old plumbing parts that I once bought to make a table that never came to fourtion (or never will for that matter, I have no idea what happened to the red Formica top, t’was a beauty).  The rest was a board and casters bought from Home Depot.

*picture quality slightly below that of inspiration piece

The hard part really was the legs, however.  And I think I might want to add some wood between the casters and the bottom level like the inspiration picture.  My thoughts are also that the center might sag as it gets older (things generally do).  So it might need some central suport as well.  We’ll see how things go.

I’m contemplating staining it.  Not sure what color though.  It’s going to make a perfect storage bench for my room, but in the future it should make a lovely little coffee table.

This leaves me with a slight predicament, what half project to finish before Sunday?  You’d have a few guesses if I’d put together my half project list.  Muhahah!  Latency wins again!  I’ll give you a hint, I moved my sewing machine when I reorganizing the creative corner and the plug doesn’t reach the one outlet in my room. And I have yet to pick up an extension cord.

So until Sunday – au revoir.


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