Wooden Heart

It’s official, I’ve lived in my current apartment for a whole year. Thus, I considered it a good time to work on the embroidery portion for my wall of hoops and antlers, seeing as the empty hoops have been up there longer than a spanish inquisition. As of Wednesday the wall contained 1.98 finished embroidery projects, with one on deck.

I started by finishing this little beauty:

If you're wondering, yes, that quote did come from the 1996 Michael Bay classic production, "The Rock"
Before you get too impressed with me for “completing” two projects this week I must let you know that all I did was embroider the red portion, the rest was done some 8 months or so ago.  So this was basically for image and posterity. It’s not all about the points people. I just wish that those 8 months ago I had chosen a blue that wasn’t almost exactly the same color as the tiny little flowers in the print.  Oh well.

  • Week: One (part doux) – A Wooden Heart
  • Started: January 4th
  • Completed: January 8th
  • Percent done before 2012: 0!
  • Point: 1 (it’s a mini embroidery, it doesn’t get a whole point)

I had some lovely faux bois fabric that was dying to be used by yours truly.  That plus one amazing Jenny Heart embroidery pattern (more to come from that sheet) equals magic.

I used the tinniest little hoop I could find and I think it fits just nicely.  I also learned how to do a steam stich for the vains.  I liked how it turned out.  Now my wall looks much less empty.  See:

Notice California up there in the top right?  That’s the singlar beauty I had done this time last week.  Isn’t she a gem.

Ok so Yes I still have two empty hoops and what looks like a nail with where I could hang a third, equally empty hoop.  But all in good time people, all in good time.


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