Backlog: Hemming

What week is it? What’s going on in my life?  I think I need an organizational calendar.

Ok so I completed the project last week but didn’t post is. Shucks.  Actually, no, that’s a lie, I finished all of it, but the hemming.  Which I did today, after I took photos, of course.  Lets just blame the fact that it’s never really sunny in San Francisco and it’s hard to talk photos in “natural light.”

  • Week: Two? – Jasmine from Colette Patterns
  • Started: January 12th
  • Completed: January 23th
  • Percent done before 2012: 0!
  • Point: 1 (I’m still giving myself a point, even though it’s late)

Isn’t she pretty? I bought the fabric with my mom when I was back home in the fall.  There’s this wonderful store called Fabric of Vision in Ashland, Or. that I make sure to visit whenever possible.  The owner has the best taste.

I loooove Colette Patterns. The only thing I modified on this top was to make the ties a bit longer.   I added about a foot in length to each tie, I like the bigger bow look.  I’ll defiantly make this top again, but I might change the sleeves up a bit.

The back is a little wanky, I wish I had tried to line up the pattern a little better.  I didn’t really think about it, sometimes I’m far to interested in make sure to have as much left over fabric as possible then to deal with a silly thing like pattern placement.  Like, what am I possibly going to do with that left over fabric? Oh vell.

I think I’ll wear this to work tomorrow.


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