Deer in the headlights.

I think it comes from growing up in the country, but I have a bit of an antler/deer thing.  I saw this really cool art work a few months ago on some blog.  Amazingly enough googling “art aluminum shooting guns” produced the piece I was inspired by, isn’t technology amazing?

It’s from an artist named Walton Creel.  His work is pretty awesome and I thought it might be the perfect addition to that giant hole in my hoopla wall.

Yeah that one.

My first thought was to do french dots, but I hate those things and they’re too hard to turn out consistently. Instead I went with teeny tiny little x’s.  I also only did the outlines, when I was transferring the image I got lazy coping all the dots, and well, I thought it looked better anyways.

  • Week: Three
  • Started: June? I honestly have no idea
  • Completed: January 23th
  • Percent done before 2012: 49%?
  • Point: 1 (ok so maybe it only deserves half a point.  but I also did some mending so we can push it up to a whole)

I was having a hard time finishing it because some of the dots from the transfer faded and it took me far to long to just go copy the darn pattern and reverse it so I could understand what the heck I was trying to emulate.

The close up is a tad blurry.  I had a hard time with that light thing again. You can sort of tell they’re little x’s… No that’s a lie, I have a hard time noticing in real life with my glasses on.  But it creates a nice effect right?



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