Sew up and Dye

Next time I think I’ll make a muslin.  I’m so against them and most Colette patterns whip up just fine as long as I use my correct size (cough cough).

My thoughts when I first finished: Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever sewn up something this bad in years. YEARS.  And that includes the time I made a scarf with a detachable hood (we all make mistakes).

I’m not sure exactly how I was able to do everything so wrong.  I think part of it might have to do with the fact that I really should have sized the bodice down, as I originally thought when cutting it out. OR when I sewed up the bodice and tried it on, I could have done it then, Or you know, a number of other times.  I (mistakenly) thought that is wouldn’t need as many fitting fixes as it was a wrap dress. Wrong.

So here are the things that went wrong: Size, style, fit, possibly even construction

Things that went right: fabric?

Ok, granted it looks not as terrible on my mannequin.  But let’s face it, I’m not quite built like her, and it looked like a wretched awful mess on me.  Fitting issues we’re the main problem, but also this style isn’t really my jam.


Gross. It looks like it was made up by a ADHD kid wearing a blindfold.

Here we have the humble beginnings of the monstrosity above. I’m not sure why I bought this fabric, it’s a white with blue dotted swiss fabric that’s far to sweet. But it turned out to be lovely once I dyed it dark gray. And yes, I spent the time to dye an ill fitting dress a different color.

I must say, I almost gave up.  But I said no, we can get though this.  I have a blog post to do tonight! So I did what any good seamstress would do, I took out my seam ripper and tore the dress apart to just about nothing. Then I tried to fix the fit without completely starting over.  I would have, don’t get me wrong, but I dyed the fabric gray (after I started the dress, but before finishing it).  So that way I wouldn’t have any extra material in the correct gray. Best.Idea.Ever.  Next time dye at the end, or the beginning.  Or just dye some extra fabric, for giggles.

Alterations I made to the dress; I took in the side seams, shortened the bodice, shortened the back (where the ties come out of), moved down the shoulder seams, and connected the facing to the body with some iron on double sided tape. And after all that, It still has some fit issues.  But it’s done, gosh darn it!

  • Week: Four
  • Started: January 24th
  • Completed: January 29th
  • Percent done before 2012: 0
  • Point: 1Time: Far too long
  • Wear again: Not out of the house.  It’ll be a good lounge around in heels dress, you know, because I do that, all the time.

Things I’d do differently next time: make a muslin, shorten the bodice, go a size (or two) down in the top, make the scoop neck version, move the pockets up.

The final version is alright. Nothing I’m proud of, it’s still a little big in the top and it slips off my shoulders a little. I realized far too late that Gertie did a crepe sew along a bit ago.  Upon rereading I’ve realized how I could have avoided many of my fitting mistakes.  C’est la vie.

I did do some cleaning in the dress this afternoon, however, so at least I got a little use out of the garment.

* this post has far too many words.


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