So Nice She Made it Twice

Sure, I should branch out more, try new things, see new places.  But sometimes you just wanna go to that restaurant you’ve been to a thousand times and order that thing you love because you just know it’s never going to let you down. And it’s not worth the risk.  Risks are great and risks are good, but risks are for next week.  This girl needs some comfort food, especially  after last weeks disaster of a fitting technique.

So this week I revisited the egg-drop-soup-shirt pattern I made up a few weeks ago.  This time, however, I used some fancy new techniques that I’ve always been too lazy to try.  And you know, I think it made everything a tad easier.  Turns out Ms. Sarai from Colette patterns was right! How dare I doubt.

Look! I even took working pictures:

I copied the pattern onto paper! Which, I’ll have you know, makes it a dream to cut out using my rotary cutter. I might need to do this step more often…

All was going so well, and beautiful.  The top was basically done and it was Sunday evening and I was feeling so accomplished! And then I did this:

Son.of.a.beep.  Yep, I caught the center of my sleeve in my surger when I was sewing up the armhole.  You’re welcome.   After that I decided I needed to take a little 24 hour break to mentally get back in shape before I ripped off the sleeve, cut a new one (it was so easy with my paper pattern piece!) and sewed it back on.  

And whabam! Shirt done!


*Pictures have been taken in daylight hours.

I made a few changes, mainly shortening the sleeves and sewing a 5/8 inch seam around the collar and ties and not a 1/2 inch seam like the first shirt.

  • Week: Five
  • Started: February 1st
  • Completed: February 6th
  • Point: 1
  • Will She Wear It: totally, though I wish I had made the ties and colar a little thicker
*Update: I like the colar and ties size better now, but I do wish I had trimmed the seem allowance so that they draped better.

Other things I did this week:

Remember how I heart deer?  Well I’ve had this Echino oilcloth fabric for quite sometime and, I needed a quick one-night-stand sort of project.  So I made up one medium sized origami bag from Amy Butler’s book:

I already have  a set of 5 matching bags.  And then another set of two matching bags for my make up, and then I made a set pf 5 matching bags for my Aunt for Christmas.

(one of five)

So I have a problem. Whatever.


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