Pop Champagne

I went to Stitches West today with one of my favorite crafting buddies. We poked around the stalls and I picked up a few wonderful skeins of yarn that some day just may turn into socks that end up talked about ’round here. But let’s be real that won’t be for a few months. I also grabbed some lovely heavy weight black stone buttons.  One of them, see below, I thought would be just dandy for a cocktail ring.  I dug up an old ring that lost it’s stone long ago.  Which was a shame, I picked it up for 2 euros at a Flea Market in Italy and it was a really pretty big teal stone (and by stone I mean hung of some sort of unrecognizable man made material).

Having glued that darn stone on quite a few times I knew better than to try that again.  I thought I could put the button loop to good use and nix the glue.

So I got out my trusty old Dremel and went to town drilling a hole in the center of the ring base. I ended up with this:

Well, that wasn’t part of the plan. Yep, I popped that cheep little ring off its cheep little platform.  It’s a good thing that I’m better with pliers and wire then I am at taking not-blurry pictures.  A few twists and turns and five minutes later I’ve got this little gem:

A cocktail ring no academy would be proud of.  While this might not get me into any highbrow after-parties, it sure is fun.  I just hope that it’s sturdy enough to not fall apart on me again.  I thought I had some E-6000 glue around to help secure things a little more, but I couldn’t find it.

Next up: Two of my cousins are both expecting little bundles of joy sometime this summer. Better get crackin on some baby blankets.  Unfortunately my taste is nothing close to adorable babyness, so I might need to stretch my boundaries a little bit.


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