MaeveMade goes Adventuring

I know what you’ve been thinking Interntes – ‘Hey, what’s up, where you been at girl? Why you never call? What’s with those empty promises like, I’ma make one thing a week, and all that. Huh? What? Yeah.’

I know. I’ve been a massive let down.  What can I say, sometimes you follow though on promises.  Sometimes you move to Berlin.

Yes, Berlin.  Let me catch you up to speed.

I think in my last post I was pulling myself together before I hoped on a plane down to San Diego to go to Coachella. Upon my return I was told by my work that I could go to Berlin (YAY!) in two weeks (say what?!) for 3 months (I mean, why not?).  I really quickly tried to finish a few projects. I started to make these little bags for packing (yes, more of them), I tried to complete this dress (yeah, still not done), I attempted to finish one of preciously mentioned baby hexagon quilts (not a chance), and I packed enough yarn to knit socks for an entire rugby team (nothin’ keeps baby warm quite like a pair of hand knit socks).

Needless to say I did too much dividing and not enough conquering.  What did I actually do you ask? Well, I did knit 2.65 pairs of socks and made some darn good dinners.

When I returned I thought so myself, Berlin, we’re not done.  I did a lot, sure, but there were somethings left unfinished, stones left unturned, beers undrank.  I never did those super Berlin things like, ride my bike though the city, or go to Checkpoint Charlie, or buy a record player at Maur Park. It only took me two months to beg, borrow, and steal a plane ticket back here. But don’t worry San Francisco, I’ll be back darling, you know I can’t quit you.

What’s next on the docket?  Well, I’m going to find a place to live.  Then, I’m going to fill it with all my $%^#.  This should give me ample opportunities to make things.  And I have to pick out this apartment soon, because I couldn’t pack my better half, aka my Grandma’s Singer, and I’m itching to go out and buy a new one along with some other really important things I need in life, like an immersion blender.  These are the kinds of things that need a home, and don’t take kindly to being hauled around the city in the bottom of suitcases.

To sum up, my current goals are:

  • Find an adorable apartment to rent
  • Obtain a sewing machine (use any means or force necessary)
  • Become a host on Airbnb
  • Take a 3-4 day weekend trip every 4-6 weeks.
  • Lots of Post Cards

Lets see if I can’t exceed expectations on these instead of leaving them vastly unaccomplished.


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